Free Things to Do in Greater Palm Springs

Whether you’re a history buff hoping to tour homes from yesteryear, an outdoor enthusiast in search of adventure or an art lover looking for creative inspiration, you’ll discover countless things to do in Greater Palm Springs that don’t cost a cent.

Greater Palm Springs is packed with free fun, no matter what you enjoy. From hiking trails to art museums to street fairs and retro classic car cruise nights, locals and visitors of all ages find a variety of things to do that don’t cost a cent. Together withchill deals,在这个加利福尼亚州南部的绿洲度假是无价的。


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The nationally noted Palm Springs Art Museum offers children’s activities, performances, exhibitions and films. Admission is also free every Thursday night from 5-7 p.m.


Explore the natural beauty of the oasis while hiking along mountainsides and palm trees. Hardcore hikers and outdoor-loving families alike find plenty of free trails to explore in Greater Palm Springs. Be mindful of temperatures, go in the early morning and bring plenty of water.


3.Cabazon崇拜ural Museum




5。Agua Caliente Palm Springs的Cascade休息室

停留在Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs的Cascade Lounge露营,享受蓬勃发展的夜生活。这间休息室提供免费的现场娱乐活动,包括狂野的西周三,周四的女士般的夜晚,周日和更多。

6。Shields Date Garden

Opened in 1924, Shields Date Garden is worth a visit. Explore the Garden, a 17-acre landscaped date farm and have a date shake or lunch on the patio overlooking the gardens. Don’t miss the free movie, “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date.”


Tucked along Highway 111 just 10 minutes from downtown Palm Springs is the Backstreet Art District, an enclave of studios and galleries featuring everything from paintings to sculptures to jewelry. Join the free monthly art walk on the first Wednesday of the month from 6-9 p.m.

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参观大棕榈泉的众多自然亮点之一,棕榈绿洲在Coache188bet金宝搏app下载lla Valley Preserve。通过大型沙漠风扇棕榈树,观察流动的溪流,野生动物等。



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12.Self-Guided Architecture Tour

Greater Palm Springs is home to an incredible collection of midcentury modern architecture designed by greats like Donald Wexler, Albert Frey and E. Stewart Williams—and you can see many of these buildings on a self-guided tour.

13。Sunnylands Center&Gardens

*在6月7日开始为夏季关闭7.探索这间历史悠久的遗址,可免费参观中心和花园。探索独特的雕塑,令人叹为观止的山脉和花园景观以及各种多媒体显示,提供有关Sunnylands及其创始人,Walter和Leonore Annenberg的历史信息的信息。

14。Rock Yard Concerts

Rock out at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, where their Rock Yard concert series features tribute bands for all of your favorite bands and performers of yesteryear. Concerts are free.


棕榈泉市中心is teeming with storefronts, architecture, and history waiting to be discovered. From museums and art galleries to midcentury modern architecture and furnishings, downtown’s Palm Canyon Drive is a must-walk.



寻找一个免费的纪念品?为什么不在偶然的风车前拍摄一些令人难忘的照片,这些照片站在圣马丁塔山脉前面?摄影师喜欢印度峡谷驱动器的Vantage Point,您可以在那里获得完美的镜头,以记住您前往这个加州南部绿洲的旅行。

17。Play Tennis

The weather in Greater Palm Springs is perfect for outdoor activities, and with plenty of freetennis法院,为什么你不拿一个球拍并玩几轮球拍?您将在Demuth Park和Palm Springs的Ruth Hardy Park找到法院。

18。Vintage Shops


19.Get Your Instagram On



在一片清扫沙漠中间散步前往雄伟的海洋。在访问该指南时查看本指南Salton Sea,包括野生动物,泥火山,Salvation Mountain和更多。

将您的免费乐趣结合在一起的一切来自度假村和餐点到景点和所要做的事情。看看best deals在棕榈泉和超越


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