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Discover the benefits of the Mineral Water Spas in Greater Palm Springs

发现水的疗效and bask in serene surrounds at one of many natural mineral water spas in Greater Palm Springs. Travelers from all over the world come to our oasis to take the waters, a centuries-old practice believed to heal, nourish, and restore the mind and body. Today, you’ll unearth everything from retro-inspired retreats to modern boutique spas overflowing with pools of pristine water bubbling up from a vast, underground aquifer and sparkling in the sunlight.

Magical Mineral Water Spas in Desert Hot Springs

Miracle Springs Resort & Spaboasts eight crystal-clear pools filled with some of the purest mineral spring water in the world — all you need is aday passto swim, soak, and repeat.Two Bunch Palmsis equally renowned for its mineral-rich mood-enhancing waters that flow from a 600-year-old spring; take your pick from three large teak tubs or concrete soaking pools to experience a sense of nourishment and renewal like never before. Or slip into warm, silky mineral waters atSagewater Spa, a midcentury modern escape boasting 360-degree mountain views.

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